Turin Real Estate Market Observatory - Research

The research group of the Osservatorio Immobiliare della Città di Torino (OICT) – Ricerche makes use of the potential offered by specific methodologies and procedures, including multidisciplinary ones, for:
  • the analysis of the dynamics, structure, characteristics and functioning of real estate markets starting from the OICT – Ricerche information assets;
  • the assessment of the financial feasibility and economic and environmental sustainability of intervention projects;
  • the economic valorisation of the architectural-cultural heritage.

Our mission

The objective of the OICT – Research, in line with the institutional aims of the Politecnico di Torino, is to provide a contribution to scientific research with an impact on the socio-economic system and the territory. In terms of third mission, it intends to provide support for the knowledge underlying development processes and for the interaction with public, private and civic stakeholders.


Our targets

// Operators, companies and private citizens
in real estate investment choices

// Public and private actors

in the planning and programming of interventions and
in the economic evaluation of projects

// Students and researchers

in the exploration of models for the analysis and forecasting of market values and dynamics, or for real estate and urban marketing


  • participation in research projects, also multidisciplinary, in partnership with other universities at national and international level;
    carrying out specific research and studies requested by public bodies;
  • projects consistent with the strategic objectives and lines of action relating to the University’s third mission, to support the development of the territory, in collaboration with public and private entities (such as public administrations, associations and enterprises);
  • post-graduate teaching activities and academic-professional training;
  • organisation of scientific dissemination, cultural promotion and public engagement activities and events.